Ragi treats: For developing children and everybody in the family

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Ragi treats: For developing children and everybody in the family

There are various medical advantages of ragi. It is a wellspring of Vitamin D, helps in lessening nourishment longings, decreases sleep deprivation and helps in weight reduction.

It’s as of late that I have understood that my three-year-old have this hankering of treats in the wake of getting up each morning. As children develop, their nourishing needs develop as well. What’s more, as a simpler accessible alternative, I could have effectively supplied up on something straightforwardly from the adjacent store. In any case, do you know the quantity of additives, refined fixings and even taste enhancers that are filled the treats, just to make them taste scrumptious?


This is the point at which my examinations with millets began making infant strides. Furthermore, when you think of something incredibly nutritious, without settling on the nature of fixings and taste, you realize you have split a triumphant arrangement.

Here’s my endeavor at Ragi (finger millet) treats. They make a tasty breakfast platter whenever clubbed with a smoothie or only a glass of chocolate milk. What’s more, truly, the soften in-the-mouth kind of these treats without a doubt make children go gaga for them.


For 18-20 Cookies

¾ container – Ragi flour

¾ container – Whole wheat flour

½ container – Powdered sugar or jaggery powder (or even darker sugar)

1.5 tsp – Baking powder

¾ container – Chilled margarine 3D squares

2 tsp – Vanilla concentrate

¼ glass – Grated dull chocolate

Milk – A couple of drops just to tie the flour together

Ragi treats: For developing children and everybody in the family


* Take a bowl and strainer in entire wheat, ragi flour, powdered sugar and heating powder.

* Now blend the flour and chilled spread pleasantly with hands till the whole blend turns out as bread morsels.

* Add in vanilla concentrate.

* Mix everything to shape decent treat mixture.

* Pre-heat stove at 180 degrees for 10 minutes.

* Take the batter, make little balls and level them dealing with the edges.

* Top up the leveled treats with hacked and ground chocolate.

* Arrange them in a lubed heating plate.

* Bake them for 12-15 minutes.

* never forget to physically check, in the middle of, as settings fluctuate from stove to broiler.

* Once done, let the treats settle and come to room temperature. They will be crunchy simply subsequent to chilling off.

Medical advantages of Ragi

Skin: A rich wellspring of Vitamin D, it improves skin tissues and decreases wrinkles.

Diabetes: Ragi has a low glycemic list and henceforth, diminishes nourishment longings. It helps in holding the glucose under control.

Weakness: Ragi is a decent wellspring of iron and aides in improving hemoglobin levels.

Sleep deprivation: Ragi is a wellspring of cell reinforcements like tryptophan and amino acids. This aides in decreasing tension, despondency, and sleep deprivation.

Weight reduction: Ragi is high in dietary fiber. It lessens pointless sustenance longings, and along these lines helps in weight reduction.

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