Buffy to distribute thousands of  sanitary napkins to the Tribal Women in Nagaland

By Biz BalkaniOct 2, 2021, 11:24 IST

Buffy is a feminine hygiene pad which provides “happiness with freshness to each class and stage of women.

Buffy’s aim is to improve women’s lives through holistic feminine care.

Sumita Priya is the founder of Buffy who has a vision to see a world where women feel comfortable and confident during periods. She has designed and developed it in such a way that every women can use it without  any tension and worries. As the brand suggests it can be used with feelings “Happiness in Freshness”.

When it comes to cost , Buffy is cost effective compared to other brands , so that every female users can afford  it.brnd

“The reason behind distributing Buffy is that  women who could not used or buy sanitary napkin  till now can afford it and use it instead of  cloth . As we all know cloth is dangerous in periods, it’s  unhygienic and causes many illness “ she further ads.

Founder Sumita Priya urges all to use Buffy and share feedback.

She is excited to introduce Buffy  in Nagaland and shares “Buffy is coming to Nagaland  and I am confident that you all will like it , I can assure you on its quality which is the best and affordable. Buffy has various Variants  in different size, packets and cost . Our first priority is “TRUST THE quality”

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Community worker Jutikaa Mahanta and Sumita come together  in distributing thousands of Buffy Napkins to needy ones in and around Dimapur, Nagaland.

Jutikaa Mahanta  is instrumental  in bringing Buffy to Nagaland and shares “ Buffy is the best option for all the women here, not only for its quality but also for its cost. I have personally used it and highly recommend it.

As a true North Eastern I want to contribute my best to the society and what can be better than offering a sanitary napkin to women in Nagaland. It can help every women to be safe, healthy and happy. Let’s stay safe , fresh and enjoy our lives, Jutika further ads

Buffy has identified four (4) women shelter in Dimapur  to distribute the sanitary pads

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