Carrot and Capsicum Juice to Boost Immunity 

By editorkannada BalkaniJul 21, 2020, 06:30 IST
Carrot and Capsicum Juice to Boost Immunity

prevent the spread of coronavirus, the most important thing is to increase our immunity.  All the necessary safety measures should be followed to increase immunity.

Our body should not only to protect from cold and common infections but also it's necessary to take precautions against serious illness. As they say, Precaution is Better than Cure, it is better to follow it. 

Having a strong immunity is important to avoid coronavirus infection and to recover quickly after being infected.  So, let us see the preparation of Carrot and Capsicum juice to enhance immunity. 

Required Ingredients:- 

1) 3/4 cup carrot cubes (unpeeled)
2) 3/4 cup red capsicum cubes
3) 1 cup tomato cubes
4) salt to taste
5) Lemon Juice 

Preparation Method:- 

Add the carrots, capsicum, and tomatoes a few at a time in a hopper. Add the salt and mix well. Later add a little quantity of lemon juice. 

Add 2 ice-cubes in each glass and pour equal quantities of drink over it. Serve immediately.

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