Consume 'GemSip' Juice for Better Health

By editorkannada BalkaniUpdated: Oct 7, 2020, 19:15 IST
Consume 'GemSip' Juice for Better Health


Consumption of a Good diet is very important for human health. Involving fresh fruits and vegetables in our daily diet is good for health. Sometimes we won't be having enough time to chop and eat fresh fruit in our busy schedules. At those moments we feel it would have been if there was ready juice to serve, which would save the time and help us to maintain good health.

But now most of us hesitant to buy ready-serve juice as the juice producing companies use preservatives and chemicals for manufacturing  But you don't have to worry about all this if you drink the juice produced by the company mentioned here today. Gem Sip Juices does not use any chemicals for production which would be harmful for health.  Gem Sip Ready to Serve Juice products can be consumed without any fear.

Gem Sip Juice is manufactured under GM Agro Beverages Pvt. Ltd. The GM Group of Companies was found in 1958 by Late Shri G. Mallikarjunappa, member of the Parliament. The Company has several divisions.  GM Agro Beverages Private Limited is one of the division of this company.

GM Agro Beverages was started in the year 2016.  The main Aim of GM Agro Beverages is to provid tasty fresh fruit juice for the people. Juices are available in mango, apple and guava flavor in the name Gem Sip.  The company intends to add few more flavors in the future.

In addition, Carbonated fruit drinks are manufactured under the name of Gemberg.  Carbonated Juice is made from fresh fruit pulp.  There are two different products available in Gemberg, they are Gem Jira Masala and Gem Nimbu Masala.  Also packaged drinking water bottles are also manufactured under the name of Gem Neer by GM Agro Beverages.

GM Agro Beverages Pvt. Ltd.. is working on the basis of the Advice given by Shri Narendra Modi.  GM Agro Beverages is helping Swachh Bharat project.  In the production plant there is a good team to maintain the safety and hygiene of the food and ingredients used to make the juice.  Hence, the public can consume Gem Juice without any second thoughts.

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