Dance your way through a healthy lifestyle with Sneha Tharwani's Tappin' Around

By Biz BalkaniUpdated: Oct 24, 2020, 18:34 IST
Dance your way through a healthy lifestyle with Sneha Tharwani's Tappin' Around
When people decide to lose weight, the first thought they have is to hit the gym. While gym had been the preferred choice for most fitness enthusiasts for a long time, a lot of people are now turning to dance as a way to get fit. While there are a bunch of dance based studios around, Sneha Tharwani's Tappin' Around is one studio that has gained tremendous popularity and has grown significantly in the recent past. 

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Talking about her studio, Sneha says, "I teach people to dance their way through a healthy lifestyle. Many people like to go to gyms but there is also a large group which finds the whole process of working out at a gym tedious and boring. If you enroll for my classes, you not only learn to dance but become fitter. Dance is a fabulous way to be physically fit and agile."

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Tappin' Around offers a plethora of services and facilities that make it one of the most preferred and popular dance and fitness studios in the city. At the moment, it has more than 500 students and the number keeps growing with time. The studio has also hosted more than 300 events and organized a large number of informative workshops. 

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Sneha has been in this profession for a decade and has seen a stable increase in people's interest in dance over the years. With the kind of soaring success the studio has seen for itself and the kind of achievements it has had, one is sure Sneha will continue to scale new heights and continue to make a difference with her passion for her craft.

So, for all the folks out there who want to have a healthy body and lifestyle without hitting gyms; Dance can be your mantra to achieve it with Tappin' Around.

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