"Khada" The Immunity Booster

By Biz BalkaniJul 5, 2020, 11:59 IST
"Khada" The Immunity Booster

The whole world is in danger due to Covid19 Pandemic. The only way to fight against it is by maintaining Social Distance and Increasing Immunity. Health Experts prefer to use natural home remedies to increase Immunity. 

Though it has not been proven whether the Strong Immune System helps to treat coronavirus or not, the immune system can definitely help you to avoid it. Immunity protects overall health. 

So here is an immunity booster Kadha.. let's learn how to prepare it.

Required ingredients:- 

1) Ginger-1 inch

2) Raw Turmeric - 1 inch

3) Basil - 8-10

 4) Mulethi- 4-5 sticks

 5) Cinnamon - 4-5 sticks

 6) Black pepper - 10-12

 7)  Cloves - 10-12

 8) Water - 8-10 cups

Preparation  Method:-  Add water to a saucepan ket on the stove and pour all the ingredients into it. Boil it on low/medium flame for at least 1 hour.
Turn off the gas and let it cool.

Have it later..

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