Pumpkin Soup to Boost Immunity

By editorkannada BalkaniAug 22, 2020, 07:35 IST
Pumpkin Soup to Boost Immunity

In this weather, one important thing to be followed is to increase our immunity.  All the necessary safety measures should be followed to increase immunity.

Our body should not only be protected from cold and common infections but also it's necessary to take precautions against serious illness. As they say, Precaution is Better than Cure, it is better to follow it.

So let us see the preparation of Pumpkin Soup to Boost Immunity.

Pumpkin soup - Healthy Food Guide

Required  Ingredients: -

Pepper - 20
Cumin - 1/2 tsp
Curry Leaves - 10 leaf
Chopped Onion - 1 
Chopped Garlic - 1 tablespoon
Raw ginger - 3/4 inch 
Dal - 1/2 tablespoon
Chopped Carrot- 1/2 cup
Chopped Pumpkin - 1/2 cup
Garam masala - 1 spoon
Salty enough to taste
Coconut milk - 1/2 cup

No use of oil, butter, ghee, creams.

Method of preparation:- Put the soup pan in a medium flame, fry the Pepper seeds, cinnamon, and then add the onion, curry leaves, ginger, garlic, and fry until the onions turn golden brown. then add a little water to the pan.

Now add the carrots, pumpkin, cook a little, add salt, stir well, add plenty of water, cook the fruit and vegetables well.

Taken it out of the stove and mix well,  heat it again and add the coconut milk and garam masala.  Serve healthy soups with Rice or Ganji.

Any pulses, sweet potatoes, or potatoes can also be used.

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