10 Reasons To Use Mediawire on M360 For Your Press Release Distribution

By editorenglish BalkaniMar 11, 2021, 14:19 IST
10 Reasons To Use Mediawire on M360 For Your Press Release Distribution

A press release is associated with improving the visibility, credibility, reputation, prestige, (and indirectly) revenues of people, organizations or institutions. However, distributing your Press Release to news media networks can be a tedious, time-consuming task, and moreover what’s the point in writing and issuing one if no one covers it!?

This is where Mediawire can step in to help you. Mediawire is a unique product launched by the Times of India Group, India’s largest digital media house; that enables you to communicate with your audience using either the Times Group digital platforms or those of their partner publishers’.   

Mediawire is a self-publishing, future-ready, digital PR platform that offers a huge arsenal of tools for optimizing your release. It not only empowers you to publish ‘Your Story’ but also serves as a marketing tool, delivering a definite and measurable coverage.

M360 is a smart publisher platform to create, engage and monetize content on multiple platforms. With everything under one login and lesser tags on the pages, publishers can ensure fast, responsive and engaging mobile web portals and applications with control over content creation, monetization and page content features through AI-engine powered widgets and listing pages.

Here are some unmatched advantages that Mediawire has above any other paid PR platform:

1. Guaranteed Coverage: 
You don’t have to worry or wait anymore for the communication you send out to be picked up and covered by a journalist of some obscure publication. Mediawire gives you guaranteed coverage of your press release on any premium news portal(s) of your choice. Not only will your article appear on the platform of your choice, it will also nest in the section you desire, maximising the chances of your story being effectively read by the audience you wish to target.

2. Communication carried verbatim:
You also don’t have to worry about your communication being distorted, or just a part of it carried, or it being lost in translation anymore. Mediawire ensures that your press release is carried verbatim without any distortion, making sure that ‘Your Story’ is communicated in your words.

3. Lend Credibility to your story

Mediawire lends credibility to ‘Your Story’ as it enables you to publish your communication on some of India’s most premium digital platforms under the relevant category.

4. Wide range of Language publications available:

The Digital India program has spurred technology adoption among Indian consumers.

A McKinsey report claims nine out of ten new internet subscribers in India do not speak English and will consume vernacular content. To help advertisers who realize the importance of catering to their target audience in the language they prefer, Mediawire lets you can release your story in all major Indian languages including Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Punjabi, etc.

5. Search Engine Optimization:

Mediawire has a dedicated team that ensures all articles published through Mediawire are SEO optimised, making sure your articles rank over those of your competitors in the News section, on all the search engines that matter like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

6. Specific Targeting:

There is no point in your article being seen by Tier I city audience if your customers or stakeholders are located only in Tier II cities. So that you get maximum ROI, Mediawire enables you to do specific geo-targeting of your articles too.

7. Your press release is available till perpetuity:

Unlike in print, your press release published through Mediawire, never becomes stale news. Once released through Mediawire, the article link that is generated resides on the publication servers till perpetuity. You can go back anytime to refer to it or circulate it via your personal social media handles and website.    

8. Content writing Services:

If you do not have an agency or in-house team with the expertise to write a press release, Mediawire’s editorial team can help you craft your press releases or translate them in consultation with your marketing / communications team.

9. Rich Multimedia Format:

Print stories have their limitations. However, releasing your article digitally has many advantages including giving you the freedom of blending audio, video, animated images, social media embeds, hyperlinks, into a rich immersive format to make it interesting and interactive for your target audience.

10. Measure the impact of your story

At the end of your campaign, the Mediawire team will share statistics that show, how many people viewed your release, where it appeared online, the number of views, etc. so that you can measure the reach of your story. Lead generation forms can also be embedded in your articles if required.

Press release distribution is an important activity that contributes to the brand image and reputation of your business or organization. In order for a press release to achieve its goal, all processes including creation and distribution should be efficiently, accurately and seamlessly managed through a single platform like Mediawire

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