Abhijit Lahiri Launches His Acting Institute, Aims To Make Learning Affordable

By desk4Oct 31, 2019, 20:55 IST
Abhijit Lahiri Launches His Acting Institute, Aims To Make Learning Affordable

Actor and National School of Drama alumnus Abhijit Lahiri launched his own acting institute in Mumbai, says he wants to make a difference and make acting-learning process affordable.

The holistic acting institute offers amazing course material and acting tips from the stalwarts of film and television industry. The institute will provide insights into nuances of method acting along with polishing tools for performances from Abhijit and other acting stalwarts.

Abhijit Lahiri has roped in his junior actors Mukul Nag, Vinod Anand and Sonia Mayers to be an integral part of teaching at the institute.  The launch event was graced by renowned TV personalities. Friend Satyajit Shama also marked his presence to support Abhijit’s venture. Abhijit and Satyajit have shared screen space for most iconic serial Balika Vadhu.

Talking about the aim and objective of his institute, Abhijit Lahiri said, “If you join an acting institute, you need pay astronomical fee. Most people cannot afford that kind of fee structure. I wanted to do something different, my purpose or aim is to make it affordable. See every artist can act, most people know their acting skills, and we will work on polishing their craft and skill set”

“One more thing I’ve incorporate in my acting program is thought process. As actors we don’t think too much, but if our thinking is expanded, then whatever it is that we’re doing or want to express, it will get highlighted” added the actor.

Talking about the being edgy and different from other institutes, Abhijit said, “It would be wrong of me to compare but my institute is economical. We host two classes in a week, on the weekend, and this is a three months course. We will teach the aspiring actors about speech, diction, acting classes, mind and movement classes, music classes and Bollywood dance classes”.

Lahiri’s acting classes will focus on basics rather than gimmicks. He said, “Actor must know how their body works, ranging from muscle coordination to thought process. Know yourself first, other stuff such as swimming, riding or being fit, are personal choices, they have nothing to do with acting. Get the basic right, learn how the voice works, how the music help in acting, movement and mind are important along with diction. And these are the elements we have kept”

“Abhijit Lahiri School of Acting” is the only School around that is run by a professional actor. The training faculty is amongst the best in the industry with over 10- 25 years of professional experience.

Abhijit Lahiri Launches His Acting Institute, Aims To Make Learning Affordable

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