"Akshay Kumar And Kiara Advani Starrer Film Laxmii Failed To Recreate The Magic Of Its Original (Review)".

By editorenglish BalkaniNov 13, 2020, 13:31 IST
"Akshay Kumar And Kiara Advani Starrer Film Laxmii Failed To Recreate The Magic Of Its Original (Review)".

Film Laxmii a remake of Tamil film Kanchana turned out to be nonstop nonsense. It failed to appeal to a wider audience and was unsuccessful to recreate the magic of its original. The narrative of a transgender ghost possessing the body of a man who ironically doesn't believe in ghosts is interesting but fails massively where its execution is concerned. The film proved out to be one of the most outdated and mind-numbing films of 2020.
Directed by Raghava Lawrence, Laxmii stars Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani in the lead roles.
Akshay Kumar is an actor who has time and again proved his acting mettle and versatility in his long acting career. The audience was waiting eagerly for Laxxmi too fully aware of the fact that it was a film right up the alley for Akshay Kumar who plays even the most garish roles with extreme dedication. But sad to say the Khiladi actor who plays the transgender character in the film tried too hard to make sense of this sham turned out to be futile. Akshay's hammy performance was simply not enough to save this movie. Clad in a saree - he sings, dances and shouts, but still fails to deliver the point, if there is one in the first place.
Sharad Kelkar also deserves a special mention for playing his part with utmost sincerity without being over the top. Sharad has nailed the physical and emotional attributes of playing a transgender. You really connect to the pain of being a transgender in today’s world and that’s pure because of Sharad Kelkar's fantastic acting.
Kiara Advani Is like a cherry on the cake. The Kabir Singh actor looks gorgeous on-screen and supports Kumar’s character pretty well, without ever going overboard. She’s particularly stunning in the Burj Khalifa song-and-dance number.
The film's music is composed of Tanishk Bagchi, Shashi–DJ Khushi, Anup Kumar, and Ullumanati while lyrics written by Vaibhav Shrivastava, Vayu, Gagan Ahuja, Farhad Samji, Anup Kumar, and Illuminati. Even though of their endless efforts, songs are misplaced in the film. Some song sequences don't even fit the situation happening around.
Overall, it is the plot which is so wafer-thin that it is downright cringing worthy. The screenplay is archaic and so is the amateurish direction. The songs are well, absolutely forgettable! The film does nothing to break the stereotypes, only adds to them, and fails miserably if it ever meant to give any social message. Even other top-notch character artists like Ashvini Kalsekar, Rajesh Sharma, and Ayesha Raza give forgettable performances. The movie was promoted as a horror-comedy, an extremely tricky genre that few have been able to ace eg Stree and Go Goa Gone. The joke here was on us the viewers who were hoping to see another cracker from Akshay. But this damp squib was literally a 'Phuski Bomb '


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