"Anil Kapoor And Gurmeet Choudhary Support Largest Vaccine Drive In India".

By editorenglish BalkaniJan 16, 2021, 18:19 IST
"Anil Kapoor And Gurmeet Choudhary Support Largest Vaccine Drive In India".

Veteran actor Anil Kapoor and Gurmeet Choudhary took to their social media profiles and supported the largest vaccine drive in India, started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to combat Coronavirus.
The launch of the vaccine has been facing a lot of negative press and some even questioned its authenticity.
Actor Anil Kapoor took to his social media and shared a picture message, which he captioned, “Well done India! #LargestVaccineDrive Together is better! @PMOIndia @CMOMaharashtra @MoHFW_INDIA”
The message read, “The covid-19 vaccine is the strongest tool in our fight against coronavirus. Like all vaccines, it is safe and effective. When my turns come, I will take my vaccine with pride, and without fear or prejudice. Continue to wear a mask, stay 2 meters apart, and regularly wash hands. I salute the work of our frontline teams and health heroes who have risked their lives to keep us safe. Say yes to your safety, say yes to the safety of India”
Actor Gurmeet Choudhary took to his Instagram handle and shared a supportive post. He captioned it, “#largestvaccinedrive #jaihind @debinabon”
The message read, “Thinking about last year where a pandemic which, who knew would hit us so hard. Losing our near and dear ones, staying away from each other for our own safety, working from home, staying indoors for the longest, COVID-19 changed everything around us but most importantly changed us from within, today I am grateful of all the prayers and faith that kept us going and seeing the LargestVaccineDrive makes me so proud of India and all the people who are a part of this. Thank you, Jai Hind -Gurmeet & Debina Choudhary”


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