"Anusha Dandekar Urges Her Fans To Avoid Animal Rides For Weddings And Entertainment".

By editorenglish BalkaniJan 15, 2021, 16:24 IST
"Anusha Dandekar Urges Her Fans To Avoid Animal Rides For Weddings And Entertainment".

One can judge the heart of a person by his treatment of animals. VJ Anusha Dandekar recently was seen spending her quality time at Besant Memorial Animal Dispensary. The VJ shared a picture of hers in which she was seen showering her love for a camel. Along with it she also penned down a long note urging her fans not to take camel rides, horse/donkey rides for any kind of entertainment or wedding use.
Anusha wrote, “Here’s where hope and faith stay alive... The story of @thebackwatersanctuary is honestly something that restores faith in humanity, yet when you go to visit, it’s beyond magical...Rescued equines running wild and free alongside indies, kitty cats, and even some neighboring cute cows that come to graze and hang out in harmony... Otters in the beautiful backwater lake, all living it large...And of course, If this wasn’t heart-warming enough, my best friend Zoha, who’s dedicated her life to give a second chance at life to others, finds the sweetest, most gentle, courageous Camel all thanks to Besant Memorial Animal Dispensary, who are also so brilliant! His name now Cairo, just needed all the love in the world and to live free... and what’s even more special for me was, they made sure he arrived on the night of my birthday and I witnessed this incredible team, with the utmost love and care settle him into his new home; where he is beyond safe... He’s so playful and still so loving after all the torture previous humans had put him through because that’s what animals do, they still see the good...”
“So PLEASE, I request you from my heart...DO NOT take camel rides, horse/ donkey rides for any kind of entertainment, or weddings. If the world was @thebackwatersanctuarywe would honestly all be living wild, free and at peace”  
“Zoha you are my best friend but without a doubt, you are way beyond the human to be able to do what you do. I can’t be more proud and more inspired. Thank you for letting me be a part of this incredible experience, this birthday was by far the best I’ve ever had and will ever have...Thankyou @shaazjung for this magical photograph. And Thankyou @shefali_khanna_ for this magical dress called Fitrat, which fittingly means “nature and creation” #perfect... (I will tell you a story about her gorgeous creations very soon) #myfamily”


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