"Being a writer, I thought I would be in a better position to direct ‘The Greed Lobh’ says Ssreyashi Choudhary".

By editorenglish BalkaniJan 9, 2021, 11:38 IST
"Being a writer, I thought I would be in a better position to direct ‘The Greed Lobh’ says Ssreyashi Choudhary".

Filmmaker Ssreyashi Choudhary, who has written and directed a film titled ‘The Greed Lobh’, has said that being a writer of the film she thought that she would be in a better position to direct the film than anybody else. She added saying that she auditioned many actors to play the lead role in the film but ultimately she zeroed down her actor husband  Summit Choudhary to play the character.

Ssreyashi Choudhary was interacting with News Helpline to promote ‘The Greed Lobh’ along with her actor husband Summit Choudhary on Friday in Mumbai.

‘The Greed Lobh’ is written and directed by first time director Ssreyashi Choudhary, when asked what prompted her to make this film, she said, “My mother and other family members are associated with the film industry back in my hometown Kolkata, so I was thinking about directing a film for a long time. When I shared this film’s concept with my family and friends then they told me that I should direct the film because I have written the story of the film and I will be in a better position to direct it than anybody else. After the release of this film, I am looking forward to making more films in the future.”

Ssreyashi is directing her husband Summit Choudhary in ‘The Greed Lobh’, talking about the experience working with him, she said, “The central character of the film is very challenging, so I was looking for an actor who would do justice to this role. We auditioned many actors but at the back of my mind, I was also thinking about him (Summit Choudhary) to play this role. There are different shades to this character and he is completely opposite person in real life than what he has portrayed on screen.”

‘The Greed Lobh’ revolves around the consumption of drugs and it is a film based on a common man’s life, how he wanted to become a millionaire, but for that, he chooses the wrong path.

Talking about the film, Ssreyashi said, “When you (the audience) will watch the film, you will realize that it’s about our mindset on a daily basis. We all are greedy in a certain way. Sometimes people can go to any extent to achieve what they want in their life but they don’t think about its consequences, so that’s what we have tried to show in the film.”

She added, “In most of the films, people have shown drug-related issues but they don’t show how to overcome that issue. In our film, we have shown how to overcome that issue and to lead a dignified life without having greed and other negative things”.   

The film has been released on various platforms like MX Player, Hungama play, Airtel X stream, and VI. 

Produced by Perfect Entertainment Productions, ‘The Greed Lobh’, also stars Kuldeep Singh, Priya Soni, Nandan Mishra, and Annapurna V Bhairi in key roles.


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