Bollywood Is A Fascinating World, I Am Exploring It Says Shaima Hormillosa

By Shaheen GowdaFeb 18, 2020, 20:17 IST
Bollywood Is A Fascinating World, I Am Exploring It Says Shaima Hormillosa

Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Fitness and Content Creation are some of the world Shaima Hormillosa have conquered and once you combine all of them; you get Bollywood Films, which is next objective on her mind.


Shaima Hormillosa is a known name in Blogging, Fitness and lifestyle influencers, and now she is gearing up for her big Bollywood break.


Talking about her interest and keen desire for Hindi cinema, Shaima said, “I’d always been fascinated with movies, especially Bollywood. They have everything, from dance, music, content, creativity, emotion and whole lot more; I can go on and on. I’d watched most of the films, and I love the opportunities coming my way.


I’d done theatre and content creation, so I understand text and its adaptation in emotions. So I am little sorted that way. Acting has been a long time dream and I am here to fulfil my dream and B-town has always been welcoming of aspiring talent. Bollywood is a fascination world, and I am exploring it every day” added Shaima.


Shaima Hormillosa is a hip and trendy fashion and lifestyle influencer and full-time personal trainer based in Dubai. With both Asian and European ethnicity, Shaima is a unique blend of beauty, brain and talent.


Further adding, Shaima talked about her favourite actors and movies which has influenced her. She said, “I am a Big admirer of Shah Rukh Khan and Irrfan Khan, both are the best. I’d grown up watching a lot of Hindi cinema, new and old. I love Rishi Kapoor, Raj Kapoor, Balraj Sahani, their sheer talent and connect with audience was and is remarkable. Most movies releases in Dubai, so I am big sucker for any Hindi drama”


Shaima always pushes herself to reach her full potential with reinventing her content concepts, styles and creativity by adding her personal flare to them.

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