Check Out Hilary Swank In Away, Teaser Out

By editorenglish BalkaniJul 8, 2020, 16:42 IST
Check Out Hilary Swank In Away, Teaser Out
Netflix has released the teaser of forthcoming series two-time Academy Award winner Hilary Swank, it is titled Away and it premieres on September 4!
Away is a thrilling, emotional drama on an epic scale that celebrates the incredible advancements humans can achieve and the personal sacrifices they must make along the way.
The plot is ser in the near future when a crewed spacecraft is sent to Mars. For this high-stakes mission, a team of elite astronauts is assembled from around the globe. They hail from the United States, Russia, China, India, and Great Britain. If all goes well, they will be away from the place they call home and the people they love for three years.
During this time, their relationships both on Earth and in space will be tested, as they struggle to stay alive and stay on track in pursuit of humanity’s most important goal. The world will be watching.
Created by Andrew Hinderaker, the series is executive produced by Jessica Goldberg, Jason Katims, Matt Reeves, Andrew Hinderaker, Edward Zwick, Hilary Swank, Adam Kassan, and Jeni Mullein.
The series also stars Ato Essandoh, Mark Ivanir, Ray Panthaki, Vivian Wu, Talitha Bateman, and Josh Charles.

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