Covid 19 Has Changed My Perception Towards Life Says Aakanksha Sharma

By adminApr 17, 2020, 17:01 IST
Covid 19 Has Changed My Perception Towards Life Says Aakanksha Sharma

Covid 19 Has Changed My Perception Towards Life Says Aakanksha SharmaSinger Aakanksha Sharma says that Covid-19 has changed her thinking and perception towards life.
Known for hit singles such as Jogi and Chudi Chamke, Singer Aakanksha Sharma talks about her life in lockdown and her quest to understand the meaning of life.
Talking about Covid-19 and how her life has changed in lockdown, Aakanksha said, “This whole Corona spread and lockdown has changed my thinking, my whole perception towards life has changed. Despite having name, fame, money, and everything else, but it is all meaningless now. This disease can happen to anyone, regardless to social strata. Everyone was running the rat race, and now it’s all meaningless. To lead a life, one needs only simple and basic stuff, from living a fast life to now living a simple life, the difference between the two is huge, I think we need to strike a balance. I’ve made up my mind to stop running this rat-race, and lead my life in a whole new balanced, peaceful and simple way.”
Lockdown has forced people inside their homes and enjoy life at slow pace, but Aakanksha says the days are just the same for her, as she doesn’t believe in going out much.
She said, “It is just the same for me, I wasn’t every outgoing social person earlier, so it is normal for me. Only thing is that now you know you cannot go out, so it’s playing on your head. I miss my street walks, so I am walking on my terrace. Off late I have gotten very active on social media. I am doing a lot of live sessions, a lot other people are doing live session for me. I am keeping up with my Riyaz (singing practice) and I am spending good quality time with my family.”
“I do my singing practice, and I started sketching again which is something I have wanted to do for the longest. I have started cooking for my family, so these small-small things have been giving me immense happiness” added Aakanksha.
With Mirchi Award under her name, Aakanksha Sharma is young and fast gaining popularity among fans.
Talking about her binge song list and series, she said, “I am big Bollywood fan, I like all filmy songs. Right now I am hooked on to AR Rahman’s Taal, the particular song that got me going is Nahi Saamne, and I love the title song of Kalank”
“Right now I am watching an old series on Netflix, I’d watched it earlier, so I re-binging on it. The series give me a lot of positivity; it has a lot of good characters, the title of series is Good Witch” added Aakanksha.

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