Daboo Ratnani shares his favourite A Lister's traits on Naina More's show 'Zindagi Aapki Hai'


By Biz BalkaniSep 25, 2020, 21:45 IST
Daboo Ratnani shares his favourite A Lister's traits on Naina More's show 'Zindagi Aapki Hai'

After four successful episodes of the online talk show, Zindagi Aapki Hai, Celebrity Motivational speaker ‘Naina More’ invited ace celebrity photographer ‘Dabboo Ratnani’ as a guest for her fifth episode. In the intriguing episode, the duo went back to the time when photography wasn’t considered an actual profession in India and people won’t look at it in a big way.  

After twenty-five successful years of working with top Bollywood celebrities, Dabboo opens up about how he started off his career in photography. He says, “Back then, photography wasn’t considered as an actual profession! People used to talk about doctors, lawyers, and engineers. But luckily my parents were quite supportive. My parents saw my passion.”

When Naina asked Dabboo what his success mantra is, he said “Well, if you have the fire, and the energy to prove yourself again and again. Your vision is the most important! As long as you work behind the quality of your thought, you’ll always get work.”

In a fun rapid fire round on the show called Speed-o-meter, Naina asked Dabboo some interesting questions that revealed interesting insights into the core characters of A-list celebrities. Interestingly, Naina asked the photographer which traits he’d like to pick from the celebrities he worked with. When asked about Akshay Kumar, Dabboo was quick to say, that it’s his professionalism and punctuality that he likes. For Alia Bhatt, it’s her sweetness that Dabbo adores, Ranveer SIngh’s mad energy and dressing sense, Hrithik Roshan’s charm, Sharukh Khan’s intelligence, Rekha’s aura, Katrina’s eye for details, and Kiara Advani’s genuineness and warmth. 

Naina and Dabboo’s conversation around photography, and life in general seemed to inspire several photography lovers, and both of their fans, and the duo signed off with a big ear-to-ear smile. As always, Naina’s celebrity guests are something her fans look forward to excitingly every Saturday. The celebrity next in row will be ace author, ‘Chetan Baghat’, who’ll be going live with Naina on her official Instagram handle, @nainamoreofficial at 7 p.m. this Saturday 26 September.


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