"Fan Of Rahul Vaidya But Find Kavita Kaushik A Hypocrite Says Dalljiet Kaur".

By editorenglish BalkaniNov 30, 2020, 11:10 IST
"Fan Of Rahul Vaidya But Find Kavita Kaushik A Hypocrite Says Dalljiet Kaur".

Ex-Big Boss famed celebrity Dalljiet Kaur says Rahul Vaidya has won her over with his open proposal in the Bigg Boss house but she finds Kavita Kaushik is a hypocrite.
Dalljiet Kaur was interacting with media on the sidelines of a fashion magazine shoot in Mumbai.
Talking about the current Bigg-Boss season, its contestants, and recently introduced love angle, Dalljiet said, “To be very honest, I didn’t buy the love angle of Eijaz Khan in the big-boss. I have lived in that house, I think there is a stress in that house because there is a task, nomination, and back-biting happening everyday and that is something one cannot handle on daily basis”  
“When Rahul proposed in-front of everyone, he literally won me over. I was like, now that’s a gutsy proposal. He has won me over, I don’t care whether he wins the show or not, but for me, he is already a winner. I think Kavita is a hypocrite, I am sure she is disciplined but when it comes to her own self, she starts to slack. She runs away from her own words during captaincy, so that is something I really didn’t expect from her, I expected more from her” added.
Recently Ministry of Information and Broadcast passed a law that aims to regulate the content on OTT platforms. Though the celebrities, big production houses and producers are opposing the law Dalljiet supports the initiative.
She said, “Censorship on OTT is paramount, I mean everyone has a phone today and they all have access to everything. Even little kids have access to adult content, so it is a little scary and there should be some sort of censor. There should definitely be a defining line and dignity. I am happy that there is a talk happening on the same, I think creativity shouldn’t take advantage of the freedom and dwell into questionable content.”


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