"Google Pays Tribute To Zohra Segal".

By editorenglish BalkaniSep 29, 2020, 13:15 IST
"Google Pays Tribute To Zohra Segal".

Google today dedicates an artistic doodle to Zohra Segal, a noted Indian actress, dancer, and choreographer. She truly achieved recognition on the international stage.
Today’s Doodle is illustrated by guest artist Parvati Pillai. Sehgal appeared in several British films, television shows, and Bollywood productions in a career that spanned over six decades.
Zohra Mumtaz Sehgal was born on April 27, 1912. She moved to London in 1962 and built an international profile over the following decades. She has been honoured with the Padma Shri (1998), the Kalidas Samman (2001), and the Padma Vibhushan (2010).

Zohra Sehgal began her career as a member of a contemporary dance troupe. Later in the 1940s, she took up acting and flaunted her prowess, earning the 'doyenne of Indian theatre' status.
The evergreen actress's film Neecha Nagar was released on this day in 1946 at the Cannes Film Festival. It is the only Indian film to ever win the Palme d'Or, festival’s highest honour, hence the Google doodle.
Known for her zest for life, Zohra Sehgal bid due to the world in 2014. She passed away at a ripe old age of 102. However, her trademark humour was always in place, and she is still remembered for it. Her final Bollywood performance was in 2007, in Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor's Saawariya.


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"आरसीबी की दूसरी जीत पर अनुष्का शर्मा ने जताई खुशी।".


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