Hopeful that I will be able to pull off Anita’s character says Nehha Pendse

By editorenglish BalkaniJan 16, 2021, 11:56 IST
Hopeful that I will be able to pull off Anita’s character says Nehha Pendse

Actress Nehha Pendse, who has replaced Saumya Tandon in a television series ‘Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain!’, has hoped that she will able to pull of Anita Mishra’s character in popular comedy television series. She added saying that she agreed to do the show because of its talented team and popularity of the show.

Nehha Pendse was interacting with News Helpline on the set of ‘Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain!’ along with her co-actors Aasif Sheikh, Rohitash Gaud and Shubhangi Atre on Friday in Mumbai.

Nehha has stepped into Saumya Tandon’s shoes as Anita Bhabhi in ‘Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai!’. She was given a warm welcome by the cast and crew of the show today as she cut a beautiful two-tier cake. The popular comedy show saw actor Saumya Tandon playing the role. However, after she quit a few months back, the makers were on a look-out for a new face. Nehha, who has impressed the viewers with her performance in another SAB TV show ‘May I Come in Madam’, is all confident about her journey as Anita Bhabhi.

Nehha said that there is a lot of positivity on the set of popular comedy-drama show which will help her to portray the character, she said, “Usually, when an actor replaces another actor from a popular show, then there is a lot of negativity and lack of cooperation among team members on the sets. The audience doesn’t get to know that but it happens at the back end but in this show, right in the front and right at the back, everything is so clean and positive and I think I might struggle in the beginning but this positivity is going to work for the show.”

She added, “When you play an already established character then there are challenges of its own. There are a lot of layers to my character in the show. I know that I will not be able to get into the character immediately as I start working for it. I am sure Saumya (Tandon) also must have gone through it and I am also going to take my own time to get into the character. I am sure and I am hopeful that I will be able to pull off this character.”

When asked Nehha how she got the opportunity to act in the show, she said, “When Saumya (Tandon) told her Binaifer (Kohli - producer of the show) that she will not able to do the show due to her personal reasons then Binaifer casually asked me about the show last year around August-September. After that, somewhere the news got published that I am roped in to play the role of Amita Bhabhi in the show. People started sending congratulatory messages about it but I denied the news because I wasn’t officially approached for the show.”

She added, “At that time, I didn’t receive any kind of flak and people didn’t tell me that they couldn’t imagine me in Anita Bhabhi’s role. I feel that thing motivated me to take up the role. After a few days, Binaifer officially approached me for this role then I told her that I will try my best. It’s a good show and the entire cast and crew of the show is really good, so we did a test for it and that’s how I landed up getting the role.”

In the show, Nehha is the wife of Aasif Sheikh and Shubhanghi Atre is the wife of Rohitash Gaud. This comedy show revolves around two neighbouring couples, the Mishras and the Tiwari's, in which the husbands are attracted to each other's wives and attempt various ultimately unsuccessful and hilarious techniques to impress them. Since its inception, the show has garnered positive reviews and acclaim from the critics and viewers alike. ‘Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain!’ is inspired by the 1994 popular Hindi sitcom ‘Shrimaan Shrimati’.

‘Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain!’  is currently airing on SAB TV.  


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