Indie pop artist Gajendra Verma dons a brand new

By editorenglish BalkaniAug 21, 2020, 10:28 IST
Indie pop artist Gajendra Verma dons a brand new
Gajendra Verma, a star of the indie-pop music industry, is here to dazzle his fans yet again, with
another sensational release ‘Tere Nashe Mein Choor’. Gajendra is a self-made artist who is adored
for his originality and expressiveness in his music.

This refreshing new track reveals a never-seen-before side of Gajendra, as he lights up the stage with
steamy scenes and sizzling chemistry in the music video.

Gajendra Verma made his way straight into the hearts of people with his initial track Emptiness. In
2018, he released the renowned chartbuster ‘ Tera Ghata’, which was hugely successful and loved
and listened to by millions around the world.

Later on, he released back to back melodious tracks like "Ja ja ja", " Ab Aaja", " Main Aur Tu" and
Jaana to name a few, which took the listeners on an emotional roller coaster ride. While his
songs ruled the OTT platforms, the musical star ruled our playlists. His past releases are still amongst
the leading ones across all leading platforms.

The singer can be seen delivering interesting storylines throughout his projects displaying the
different dimensions of love. ‘Tere Nashe Mein Choor carries the legacy forward with an intriguing
plot and storyline. Shot in Istanbul, Turkey, the music video features Manasee Moghe, Miss India
Universe. Directed by Vikram Singh, the song depicts the sizzling chemistry between the two most-
wanted robbers and lovers, and shows just how far they are willing to go for love!

This song has been produced and recorded under the music label ‘Virtual Planet Music’, which has
launched 9000+ tracks so far and has 15 artists on board. The music label promotes independent
music and artist-focused releases. It is known for its indie-pop hit releases, marking its presence
across multiple areas of entertainment including movies. Expressing his thoughts on the song,

Vikram Singh, Founder of Virtual Planet Music, says, We are happy to bring back yet another track
by Gajendra and this time is with a surprise element. It showcases a different side of Gajendra and I
am sure audiences will definitely love it. It has always been a pleasure working with Gajendra over
the years. Looking forward to receiving all the love and appreciation for Tere Nashe Mein Choor as
we have been getting for all our tracks

Maintaining the gripping storyline ritual of every Gajendra’s release, this song, however, brings in a
surprise element, unlike his former tracks. This time Gajendra has focused on the thrill, fascination, and obsession involved in love. Now, when he is on the crest of a wave, Gajendra makes sure to
experiment with his versatility. The sizzling music video is already making news for all the right
reasons. Gajendra has done a commendable job portraying an intense character for the song. His
fans are more than excited to see him take up this never-seen-before avatar. This song is already
receiving lots of appreciation and acknowledgment nationwide. His fans particularly are very
delighted by the release and are showering their love on the song and the artist.

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