Kaafir director Sonam Nair states working was more like working on holidays!

By desk3Jun 20, 2019, 18:51 IST
Kaafir director Sonam Nair states working was more like working on holidays!

There is no doubt that Kaafir director Sonam Nair is quite the cheerful, chirpy director for someone who has recently directed Kaafir. On a gloomy Tuesday afternoon, the writer-director sounds like a happy child ready to “fully milk the moment and enjoy herself” as love continues to promote her ZEE5 Original show. In a free-wheeling conversation, Sonam shares her experience of making a sensitive show like Kaafir while also touches upon how she found friends for a lifetime in actress Dia Mirza, actor Mohit Raina, cinematographer Pratik Shah and more.

Kaafir stars Dia Mirza, who plays a Pakistani woman Kainaaz Akhtar, who is accused of terrorism and ends up in an Indian jail. She gives birth to a baby girl Seher and is raising her daughter in the cell. Mohit Raina, on the other hand, plays a journalist and lawyer Vedant Rathod who finds out about Kainaaz and decides to fight for her justice.

When asked about the star cast, she said Dia and Mohit were already finalized, I had to find the rest of the crew. I had bumped into Dia at an event earlier and she was so lovely! I just called my manager saying I want to work with her. We were going to go to Kashmir initially, Kavish Sinha has done our casting. I asked him to find a five or six-year-old girl who looks like Dia for the role of Seher, or else I was going to cast a local girl from Kashmir because she’d have the accent too.

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