​Longing Of Human Hearts is Timeless Says Soni Razdan

By adminMay 2, 2019, 11:00 IST
​Longing Of Human Hearts is Timeless Says Soni Razdan

Veteran Actor Soni Razdan, who is geared up with forthcoming ZEE 5 original movie, Yours Truly, that longing of the human heart is timeless, on the sidelines of recent media interaction.

Soni Razdan, Aahana Kumra along with Sanjoy Nag, hosted a press junket for the film, Yours Truly – a romantic drama that showcases the story of a woman in her late fifties and her journey of finding love in the most unexpected places.

Talking about desires at a certain age for Indian women has changed, Soni Razdan said, “I think, the longing of the human hearts are timeless, it don’t change over time. How you’re able to express those longings depends on the kind of society you live in. So it depends on whether you live in a city or village or what, but I think what we experience as human beings, in terms of our yearnings for somebody to love us, appreciate us, it doesn’t go away…I want to be valued for who I am, I want to be appreciated by my family, if nothing else”

Directed by National award-winning film maker Sanjoy Nag, Yours Truly features talented actor Soni Razdan (Mithi Kumar) in the lead role alongside Pankaj Tripathi (Vijay), Aahana Kumra (Lali Kumar) and Vinay Pathak. The film also features Mahesh Bhatt in a special, impactful appearance.

​Longing Of Human Hearts is Timeless Says Soni Razdan

Talking about her role, Soni added, “I am playing the character of Mithi Kumari, it is very unusual character for me to play personally. I mean, on the face of it she is kind of removed from the kind of life that I lead and the kind of person I am in real life. She is a woman, living alone in a crumbling old house in Calcutta. She is on the verge of retirement. But I think what I was able to connect to, was the feeling of loneliness”

“Because loneliness is a feeling and emotion that we all feel, I was able to connect to her loneliness, which I feel often myself. See, we’re born alone and we die alone, we’re solo travelers. So that feeling of loneliness and longing for love, to finding somebody to whom perhaps you haven’t found him in your life yet. It is very universal emotion”

The film is based on Annie Zaidi’s short story – ‘The One That Was Announced’, the heart warming story premiers on May 3, 2019 exclusively on ZEE5.

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