Media Filmscraft & Navroz Prasla Productions Announces A Festive Garba Song

By Biz BalkaniSep 6, 2021, 19:23 IST
Mumbai -    After a heart-warming Patriotic tribute with India Song, which celebrated the landscape, unity and diversity of our beautiful country, Media FilmsCraft and Navroz Prasla Productions are ready to spread festive vibe with their new single, which is a Garba Song.

The new single, which is a festive number, is crooned by popular Parthiv Gohil and Kinjal Dave; it is composed by multi-talented Gaurav Singh and Sandeep Jaiswal. The song will be out soon and will feature beautiful singer Kinjal.

Media Giant Navroz Prasla, who has plans to expand in India in entertainment sector, said, “We’re moving with a great pace. With India Song getting the response it got, I think I am extremely happy. The next song, a Garba number is a festive track, with authentic Gujarati taste, it incorporates the culture and values of the state and I think it will find its right audience. It is an original track, not a generic number trying to cash festive mood, I believe the quality content”

Navoz Prasla along with singer Parthiv Gohil and Kinjal Dave, composers Sandeep and Gaurav had a recording session. The song is complete and the makers are planning to drop the teaser and first look soon.

Founder of NTv Houston and many other successful media and production ventures, Navroz Prasla has set his foot in the music industry and is here to stay and his steady progress in entertainment sector is nothing short of inspiration, given we had back to back lockdowns.

Talking about his expansion plans, Navroz said, “We are making remarkable progress, given the fact we have been hit by lockdown, which lasted almost 2 years. I think we’re on the right track; our content is appealing to the masses, which is actual yard-stick of progress and success. We have series, music videos, films and a lot more coming out soon. We have just begun”.

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