"Milind Soman Reacts On His Nude Picture, Don’t Care People’s Opinions, And I Do What I Believe".

By editorenglish BalkaniDec 17, 2020, 11:44 IST
"Milind Soman Reacts On His Nude Picture, Don’t Care People’s Opinions, And I Do What I Believe".

Model-actor Milind Soman decided to mark his 55th birthday by sharing a unique photo taken by his wife Ankita Konwar of himself running on a beach. Undeterred by the controversy surrounding his nude picture, wherein he is seen running on the beaches of Goa. While his birthday post drew a lot of backlash and mixed reactions on social media. The photo was reportedly taken on a beach in Goa. Talking on the alarming issue the 16 December actor said that he has not shot the nude picture for the first time. And he hardly bothers people’s opinions, because he does what he likes and believes.
Milind Soman was seen interacting with the News Helpline on Tuesday in Mumbai.
Milind talking more on this said, “When I stepped into the profession of modeling. I used to wear such clothes which the other model used to refuse. Even designers were confident that nobody except Milind will wear it. This is something that has been a part of my journey all throughout. So I am very spontaneous in all the decisions I have taken, it may be personal or professional. I have an understanding of myself that this is something I would always like to do. And I am very comfortable with it. Not only comfortable, but I enjoy it.
“So the nude image which I shot on the beach on my birthday, was quite spontaneous. I have done this many times before in many parts of the world including India and I have posted on social media. I have done it professionally and my nude pictures have been on the cover of the newspapers. A very famous ad I did in 1995. So it’s nothing new for me. I never expected people to react in a negative way. According to my it’s a very nice picture, my wife shot the picture, and my mother loved the picture. So it’s okay there are people in the society especially in India who will like certain things and will not like certain things. People have their own opinions. I do what I want to, and what I believe. There are many actors who disagree to do certain roles because the audience will not like it.  I am not like that I do what I like” added Milind.


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