Neha Kakkar Wooed Fans With Live Performance At Korakendra Grounds

By desk5Dec 10, 2019, 18:33 IST
Neha Kakkar Wooed Fans With Live Performance At Korakendra Grounds

Neha Kakkar wooed the audience with her energy, enthusiasm, a melodious voice and a smile that is infectious, at Korakendra Grounds in Mumbai. She delivered one of her most vivacious and enthralling performances in front of thousands of people, who cheered her on as the night progressed. 

Hasit Sanzgiri and AshthaVinayak Entertainment organized one of the best “Live Singing” performances in association with Practical Productions in Mumbai.

Along with Neha Kakkar, singers such as Madhur Sharma, Kunal Pandit, Vibhu Parashar, Tony Kakkar, and Anchor Raviraj also wooed the audience. All the hit songs of the performers were performed with the audience enjoying every moment of the concert, the party mood was set and every audience member was enjoying the foot-tapping, soul searching music.

A song like Dheeme Dheeme, Hauli Hauli, Coca Cola, Bijli ki Taar, etc was performed at the concert. The team was in perfect sync and was a blast to watch, paisa wasool in the true sense. With so many hit songs under her belt, the audience wanted every song twice but sadly the party had to come to an end. 

Neha started her career as a participant with Indian Idol and now is a judge on the same show and her success is a benchmark and a proof of her great music style and sense.

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