Please Don’t Give Up On Life Says Sana Khan

By Biz BalkaniJun 16, 2020, 18:08 IST
Please Don’t Give Up On Life Says Sana Khan
 Sushant Singh Rajput's sudden demise left his fans and colleagues in shock. The actor was reportedly found hanging in his Mumbai apartment. However, no suicide note was found in the house. The post-mortem report has proved that it is death due to suicide.
A person who commits suicide there is often a stigma attached to mental illness, including depression and anxiety. Actor Sana Khan who is popularly known as ex-contestant of Bigg boss, expressed her views on the same. Sana took to her Instagram handle and said that suicide is Haram.
She has also urged the people to not to give up their life in any circumstances. In fact, they should stand brave and fight their depression and anxiety. Speaking more on this Sana said that one should be very tough as the life is rough.
The Instagram feed of Sana read, “Life is rough, So be tough. Not on urself but on people who think they can break you n play around with you as if u are a toy. Don’t ever give up on life coz of some idiots u encountered n treated them way above their level coz u have a good heart n soul n most importantly a great upbringing Stand for yourself talk about it n fight ur depression and anxiety. Coz those donkeys don’t care about you, your life, your family or ur emotions coz of their poor upbringing which is disgusting n they will have loads of flying donkeys and monkeys around them to clap for tht behaviour n motivate them coz they also belong from the same category. People who support such people are also equal culprits. It’s sad people stand up in ur support when u dead but when u alive n u talk it seems u watching ur dirty linens in public or it’s a publicity or its their private matter we don’t knw both side n what not nonsense. Plz don’t give up on life Suicide is HARAM"

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