Pooja Bhatt Opens Up On Cyber-Bullying

By editorenglish BalkaniAug 21, 2020, 13:45 IST
Pooja Bhatt Opens Up On Cyber-Bullying
With nearly half of the world's population using social media platforms now, these platforms have become a strong weapon these days to express your thoughts. Social media holds the promise of connection and it has made the world a smaller place. But everything comes with its cons. And these days’ social media has become a place where people are free to exude negativity. Receiving a lot of backlash for her next film 'Sadak 2' actress Pooja Bhatt opens up on the same.
The 'Zakhm' actress took to her Instagram and wrote, " This has to be said @instagram seems to have become a place where people anonymously & otherwise use their access to hurl abuse, threaten rape and goad you to "go die". I used to ignore this sort of talk as I always believed that only people who are in pain themselves want to hurt another and also that if you accept love, you must accept criticism too. But is someone wishing you and your family death, constructive criticism, or just an attempt at vile cyberbullying? I have been advised to turn off all comments but by doing that you block out all the positive, well-meaning constructive feedback as well. Why should I push back the people who give me good vibes for the ones that only spew venom towards people in general? but what I have done now is make my account private. Do you want to access to my world? Make a request. You want to converse with me, cut out the abuse. As for wishing me death, the same God and Universe that watches over you watches over me as well. I will pass when life decides for me. And as long as life keeps me breathing I will live to the optimum and revel in the now. We seem to have become an apathetic lot... spewing abuse, inciting violence, following agendas of manufactured hate like sheep. We are still in the middle of a pandemic. People are dying in huge numbers every day. due to COVID, hunger, depression & unemployment. But those lives lost don't seem to concern the haters. Their hate is what consumes them instead. But yet, I wish them well. May they heal. May they hurt less. May they reclaim the humanity they were born with yet choose to toss aside. May they live. Healthy, long lives. As for the ones who take time out to fill my life with positivity no matter what, I send you lots of love and offer my deepest gratitude. Life is short. And the ones who choose kindness from the glue that keeps this fractured world from falling apart. Thank you. Love you all! Yes, the bots too!"
We all know that 'Sadak 2' trailer has been trolled and bashed across social media making it the most disliked trailer on Youtube. All this has been happening since the debate of nepotism has been triggered post the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput. Apart from this, another reason for its backlashing is the association of Mahesh Bhatt with the film as he is accused of being involved in the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, although nothing has been proven till now.
Reports of Cyber-bullying have been on the rise and actress Sonakshi Sinha is already leading a campaign against it. She is trying to spread awareness on cyber-bullying and also warning the abusers of the dire consequences which can follow.
Meanwhile, on the work front, we will get to see Pooja Bhatt in 'Sadak 2' after a hiatus of 10 years. She will also be seen in Netflix's series 'Bombay Begums' which revolves around the life of five women of different generations who are struggling with their desires, ethics, and vulnerabilities to make a mark in a male-dominated society. How these women fight all odds to discover their true identity and end up being friends is what follows next in the series.

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