"Rajiv Kapoor Had No Pretences About Himself Says Actor Raza Murad".

By editorenglish BalkaniFeb 10, 2021, 16:25 IST
"Rajiv Kapoor Had No Pretences About Himself Says Actor Raza Murad".
Veteran actor Raza Murad expressed his grief over losing a good friend actor Rajiv, who passed away yesterday due to a cardiac arrest, at the age of 58.
Interacting with News Helpline ahead of Rajiv’s funeral, Raza reminisced about Rajiv, and how they used to be thick as thieves back in the day.
He said, "This is a major loss for me. We go back a long way, back when he used to be an assistant director. He used to work like any other assistant, doing daily chores. He had no pretenses about him, despite coming from such a privileged family. This is what Raj Saab taught all his children, that they should first learn to live ordinary lives, before thinking of becoming stars."
Asked if Rajiv struggled with loneliness, Raza said, "Yes. Definitely. You see, his films didn't work. Prem Granth was a good film, but it didn't work. His television series didn't work. His marriage didn't work. Destiny wasn't on the side of Rajiv Kapoor. Worse actors than him have succeeded in this industry. I'll say that there was loneliness, but never bitterness."
Rajiv starrer Ram Teri Ganga Maili remains his most well-known work. He starred in a string of flops after that.
Rajiv said that he was always compared to his uncle, Shammi Kapoor, because of their physical resemblance to each other, and that didn't work in his favor.

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