Ram Gopal Verma comments on North Korea's new heir to the throne

By Biz BalkaniApr 24, 2020, 19:41 IST
Ram Gopal Verma comments on North Korea's new heir to the throne
Filmmaker Ram Gopal Verma who is known for his social media shenanigans, now takes a dig at Kim Dynasty, calls Kim Jong Un’s sister first female villain.
What happens in North Korea, stays in North Korea. No one gets to actually know about what happens in the country. If reports are to be believed, its supreme leader Kim Jong Un is not in a stable condition post his surgery. There are rumours that if Kim Jong Un dies, his younger sister would take over to lead the country. Ram Gopal Verma shared a tweet regarding the same.
Sharing about the same the 'Satya' director tweeted ,"Rumour has it that Kim Jong Un's sister will take over if he dies and she supposedly is more burtal than him.. Good news is that world will have its FIRST FEMALE VILLIAN..Finally JAMES BOND can get REAL"
Earlier in a tweet to President Donald Trump, he also mentioned to send a ventilator to Kim Jong Un. He tweeted, "I think @realDonaldTrump should also send one of his spare ventilators to his bosom friend Kim Jong Un."
Whispers say Kim Jong Un who has undoubtedly got North Korea in its strongest position is gravely ill post his heart surgery. This has raised a possible question of who would take the control of this nuclear armed nation if he passes away? Since the country has been ruled by the same family since seven decades, his younger sister Kim Yo Jong who is the brain behind his brother's Kim constructed public image is primed to take over his place.
Ram Gopal Verma's tweet on April Fool's day about Coronavirus was not received well by his followers. He had to apologise for his distasteful tweet later.
Lets see what this tweet gets him into?

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