Rangoli Chandel Fumes, As Twitter Shut Down Her Account

By adminApr 16, 2020, 22:27 IST
Rangoli Chandel Fumes, As Twitter Shut Down Her Account
Rangoli Chandel Fumes, As Twitter Shut Down Her AccountOnce again Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel is hitting the headlines for her controversial tweet. Rangoli who is known for wearing heart on her sleeves has fallen into trouble after her recent tweet on the Muslim community as Twitter has suspended her account.
This all started after Mumbai’s Bandra incident, where numerous people gathered despite the nation-wide lockdown. Taking to her Twitter she wrote, “A Jamati died of Corona when police and doctors went to check their families, they were attacked and killed, secular media, make these mullahs + secular media stand in a line and shoot them dead….f****k the history they may call us nazi who cares, life is more imp than fake image”
As soon as she dropped this tweet netizens started lashing at her and reported her tweet to the official. Among all was Sussanne Khan’s sister Farah Khan Ali, who thanked the Twitter officials for suspending her account and wrote that she reported about the tweet as Rangoli was targeting a single community and asked to shoot all of them with the liberal media.

However, this doesn’t end here as after seeing her account getting suspended Rangoli issued a statement, saying, ‘Twitter is an American platform absolutely biased and anti-India, you can make fun of Hindu Gods call PM and Home minister terrorists but if you say anything about the people pelting stones on health workers and Police forces they suspend your account.’

She further continued, ‘ I have no desire of empowering any such platforms with my perspective and honest opinions, so I am not reviving my account, I was my sister’s spokesperson now watch out for her direct interviews, she is a huge star she has many ways of reaching out, a biased platform can be easily avoided… (sic)”
Well, this has happened for the first time with Rangoli that her account got suspended as she is known for taking digs at Bollywood celebs. She is often seen engaging in a verbal fight with filmmaker Anurag Kashyap and actress Swara Bhaskar.

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