Richa Chadha faces racism in Georgia

By desk2Sep 21, 2018, 07:30 IST
Richa Chadha faces racism in Georgia

Richa Chadha is a globetrotter. She’s currently in Georgia, shooting for Inside Edge 2. While shoots have both good and bad memories, one of them was so bad that Richa has to tweet about it. Richa said that the attitude of the passport office was racially infused. In a tweet, she said that the lady slammed the passport on the desk a couple of times and was muttering under her breath. Richa also revealed that the officer told her to hurry up. But things weren’t all bad for Richa in Georgia. She said that the cabbie that she met was very sweet and changed her entire idea about the city. She said that he even refused a trip.

Many Indian actors and prominent citizens have faced racially charged scenes out of the country. Shah Rukh Khan has famously been stopped at airports and patted down for reasons unknown. He has been detained thrice in seven years, at various airports – he has also been apologised to by Indian and US authorities.

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