Salman is proud of me says younger brother Arbaaz Khan

By Shaheen GowdaMar 9, 2019, 10:00 IST
Salman is proud of me says younger brother Arbaaz Khan

Actor-producer Arbaaz Khan is set to try his hand at hosting with his forthcoming digital chat show titled ‘Pinch’, has said his superstar elder brother Salman Khan is proud of him and he has promised Arbaaz Khan to feature in second season of ‘Pinch’.

Arbaaz Khan was interacting with the media at the launch of chat show titled ‘Pinch’ on Tuesday in Mumbai.

Digital content channel Qu Play has roped in the producer-actor Arbaaz Khan for a series titled ‘Pinch’, where celebrities will talk about dealing with social media trolls, and discuss subjects they’re seldom willing to.

Arbaaz Khan has collaborated with his elder brother in films like ‘Hello Brother’, ‘Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya’, ‘Dabangg’ and ‘Dabangg 2’.

Salman is proud of me says younger brother Arbaaz Khan

When asked Arbaaz why he didn’t invited his elder brother Salman Khan on the first season of his upcoming chat show, he said, “See.. my brother is a superstar. I love him and he has done a lot for me and my family but we also try to do things on our own. As an individual, I have done more than 65 films. I keep doing things and people know that I work hard. There are also times when you want to do things and when you want to prove things that you can do it on your own.”

Arbaaz khan said he has own standing in the Hindi film industry, he said, “I have my own standing and relationship in this industry. Now if every time I would go to my brother and tell him that ‘I want you to come on either first or last of the episode of my show’ then it’s not right. There are times when I have shown him footages of 3-4 episodes that I have shot with other celebrities that time, he has asked ‘why don’t you have me on this show’? but I told him that ‘I would love to have you on my show but if I do the second season. Let me do this one season without you’ and that was my effort just to feel good about myself.”

Arbaaz said that his elder borther is proud of him, he said, “He is proud me and he says if you do the next season then, I will definitely come on that show. If people appreciate first season of the show like other shows then if we have time and good topic to discuss things on the show then, we will be doing second season of the show and that time we will get Bhai (Salman Khan) on the show.

Salman is proud of me says younger brother Arbaaz Khan

In the show, Karan Johar discussed homophobia, Sonakshi Sinha stated she would reject a marriage proposal with a slap. Kareena Kapoor Khan called her popular toddler Taimur the biggest Khan, while Kapil Sharma answered the million-dollar question – why he chose to tweet to the PM of India.

Talking about the show, Arbaaz said, “This show is not to make the stars or the people we bring on the show uncomfortable. It is not to really probe into making them answer questions that they would probably feel like they are not ready to answer or they don’t feel the need to answer. We don’t go in that zone but they have answered fortunately but we don’t put them in that position. There are interesting topics we felt that it would be nice if they would given answers to which fortunately, they not only spoken but they spoke at length about it. They have kind of emphasised and elaborated on certain things so, that is what best part of the show. They have been so clear, honest, candid and open on certain things.”

‘Pinch’ is a 10 episode series for its first season and it is set to air on March 12 on digital content channel ‘Qu

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