"​Shame On Lilavati Hospital And Your Staff Fumes Zareen Khan".

By editorenglish BalkaniSep 23, 2020, 12:52 IST
"​Shame On Lilavati Hospital And Your Staff Fumes Zareen Khan".

Actress Zareen Khan has expressed her disappointment with Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai after her grandfather failed to get help despite being old and in pain. The actor claimed that the hospital attendants were rude to her and insisted on a COVID-19 test for her grandfather when he took him for treatment.

Zareen Khan shared a video sharing her ordeal and revealed that her grandfather had started feeling uneasy over a urinary tract infection and insisted she takes him to the doctor. She was skeptical to take him to the hospital on account of the elderly facing a bigger risk of COVID-19, but took him to the Lilavati Hospital with her uncle and sister.

She captioned the video, “Disappointed with Lilavati hospital.official! This happened last night. No help provided to my 87yr old grandfather who was in so much pain. #Shame #Disappointed #ZareenKhan”
The actress stated that the hospital had set up a COVID ward in a basement to carry out screening for possible COVID cases. She felt it was ‘surprising’ that they asked them to enter considering the age of her grandfather. Despite checking the temperature and oxygen levels of her grandfather and it turning out to be normal, she was aghast about the attendants asking her to do a COVID test for her grandfather and CT scan of his chest, only then they will allow them to go to the casualty ward.
Zareen was furious about it as she was getting paranoid and scared about her granddad as he was feeling weak and they wanted him to do a COVID test, which would take an hour when he couldn't even stand under pain.
When Zareen pointed out his normal temperature and oxygen levels, the attendant told her that others being treated in the ward also had the aspects normal. She claimed that they were rude while stating that this was the ‘protocol.’ She lamented healthcare workers being called ‘COVID warriors’ amid the experience she faced.
Eventually, Zareen refused to take her granddad inside, gave him medicines she herself had used for urinary infection at home, and that reduced his pain. She then said they took him to another doctor later and he was feeling better now.
Zareen Khan is set to feature in Hum Bhi Akele, Tum Bhi Akele, where he plays a lesbian. The actor, known for work in films like Veer and Housefull 2, keeps uploading various videos on social media, right from cooking to Q and A sessions, and more.  


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