​Sonam Kapoor And Ashoke Pandit Logger Head Over Bursting Fire Crackers

By adminApr 6, 2020, 13:51 IST
​Sonam Kapoor And Ashoke Pandit Logger Head Over Bursting Fire Crackers

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for 9 Baje 9 Minute initiative to show support to medical staff, administrative workers, nurses, cops and all the essential work-force, who are working hard to safe guard everyone during Corona Pandemic.
Unfortunately, some people took the initiative to a whole new level, they turned the lighting a candle into candle march and started bursting fire-crackers on the road. Breaking the lockdown and social distancing law, actress Sonam Kapoor, irked by such act took to her social media to express her displeasure.
She tweeted, “People are bursting crackers. Just FYI. They dogs are freaking out. Do people think it’s Diwali? I’m so confused.”

This tweet didn’t sit well with Ashoke Pandit, a filmmaker and one of the directors of IFTDA. He retorted back, “Sonam ji crackers are burst during celebrations & not only in Diwali?  People are trying to be happy in these difficult times. They are at least not spreading d virus like #TabligiJamaat. I wish you would have condemned this act of terrorism than blaming crackers.”

To which Soman Kapoor had a fitting retort, she replied, “Social distancing is a must ashokeji. Also making sure there isn’t communal infighting. So that the government can concentrate on doing good like they are. I’m sure you agree. You’re a sensible man who believes in being good and kind.”
With lockdown in place and social distancing is the need of the hour, certain people are still roaming around without a care in world, which is dangerous and they should remain home.

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