‘Sorry I Am Late’ is My Biggest Film Says Nikita Soni

By desk5Dec 11, 2019, 14:31 IST
‘Sorry I Am Late’ is My Biggest Film Says Nikita Soni

Talented and stunning actress Nikita Soni is once again collaborating with Mates Entertainment’s dark thriller ‘Sorry I Am Late’, says this is her biggest film ever.

 Actress Nikita Soni was interacting with media during a promotional event in Mumbai. The film is helmed by Jayeveer Panghaal, starring Mahaakshay Chakraborty, Ankita Thakur, and Muzahid Khan.

 Talking about collaborating with Mates Entertainment, actress Nikita Soni said, “I’ve been associated with Mates Entertainment for the longest. It’s like a home to me now, I am there as a kid and the production house is like my mother. I made my movie debut with these guys, The film was titled I Know You, and now I am working on the biggest film of my career. The movie has just been announced, it is titled ‘Sorry I Am Late’. I am quite comfortable working with this production house, now it’s like a family and I am excited about the movie.”

 Sorry, I Am Late is a dark thriller which is based on a real-life incident. Talking about the concept, unique title of the film, Nikita said, “Title of the movie is very unique, ‘Sorry I Am Late’, this is probably something most people say at least once in a day, so it is a common phrase but never before used as a title for a film”

 Nikita will be sharing screen space with Mahaakshay for the first time and she is super excited about it. She added, “I am working with Mahaakshay Chakraborty, so I am excited and happy. Mimoh is a fine actor, he has worked in a lot of movies, so he has experience and I am looking forward to learning from him. I am so excited to kick-start the shoot of the film. Right now we are prepping and doing workshops”.

 When asked about her role, Nikita said, “The name of my character is Ronika. She is self-willed and doesn’t listen to anyone. She is wild and very eccentric. It is a challenging role for me, so I am trying to find the right note and pitch for my character. I am working on getting the physicality of my character right. I am working out in the gym and dieting big time.”

 The film is bankrolled by Mates Entertainment and helmed by Jayveer Panhaal.

‘Sorry I Am Late’ is My Biggest Film Says Nikita Soni‘Sorry I Am Late’ is My Biggest Film Says Nikita Soni

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