Sumit Sethi’s never-heard-before music score is coming on Yoga Day

By desk8Jun 21, 2019, 08:14 IST
Sumit Sethi’s never-heard-before music score is coming on Yoga Day

Music sensation Sumit Sethi, who has, from being a DJ, already marked his own footprints on popular Hindi music, is coming with some never-heard-before music score on the occasion of International Yoga Day, on Friday, the 21st June.

To many people, physical exercises, especially Yoga, meditation and free-hand-workouts end up being a boring and tedious stuff most of the time. However, Sumit is bringing something charming this time to make your Yoga experience a quite enjoyable one.

Sumit Sehi, who is mainly known for his fast remix numbers and popular mashups, is coming with a completely new genre where he will be creating some relaxing and soothing music score especially composed for Yoga. According to Sumit, “The practice of Yoga is getting popular among people day by day. Being a musician, I believe that, it should reach more people than it ever had and as we all know music is a great platform that can touch millions of hearts, I thought, why don’t I give it chance? Basically, that’s the root from where the entire concept has evolved”

On being asked how the piece of music will actually help people in Yoga, Sumit added, “For now, I can only say that people will rejoice Yoga with the amazing tune and rhythm of the music. Rest, you will experience as soon as it gets published”.

The announcement of the new avatar of Sumit has already created a huge buzz among the music industry as well as in Bollywood. News are coming that Sumit will be seen in an event in New Delhi on 21st June where his Yoga-special piece of music will be unveiled. For then, music enthusiasts are keeping their patience with a hope to get something mesmerizing from this rising star.

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