‘Tattoo Boy’ song is really close to my heart says, director Vijay Bute.

By desk4Oct 9, 2019, 14:49 IST

Filmmaker Vijay Bute was really excited about the super-hot tattoo boy song which came out as an idea
to mold an advertisement for a tattoo studio into a song. This song is in collaboration with Sara Khan
and Angad Haseeja which is produced by Nadeem Batliwala and Zaheer Batliwala. Nadeem himself is a
tattoo icon (Mumbai Tattoos). Vijay Bute is the creative mind behind this concept. He is a director and
choreographer. This song is not only directed but also choreographed by him. He is a budding mindset
for the industry. The single has been in n‘Tattoo Boy’ song is really close to my heart says, director Vijay Bute.ews ever since its announcement. The sweetheart pair of Sara
and Angad was finalized because folks have always loved them together.
Talking about the song and collaboration with Sara Khan, director Vijay Bute said, “It was a difficult
shoot. This song is really unique and fresh. No one has done a song on Tattoo as a centerpiece. I mean
people have used artists sporting Tattoo’s but never a song about the Tattoo itself. Sara Khan
understood the concept; she is a great dancer and singer, so it was exciting to work with her”
“Angad Asija is also featured in the song as The Tattoo Boy. He is also extremely talented. What can I say
about working with Nadeem Batliwala; he is a tattoo savant, anyone who has tattoo’s, here in India or
overseas, knows the man. He gave me creative freedom as he understands the creative process” added
Talking about the song and its concept, Vijay added, “All I can say is that it is based around Tattoo’s,
hence the name Tattoo Boy Song. The song has a narrative and it is shaping really well. I am happy with
the collaboration and the song is fresh, vibrant and will instantly find its niche.

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