"Wanted to break my image of the comic actor with ‘Oh My Ghost’ says Prathamesh Parab".

By editorenglish BalkaniFeb 3, 2021, 11:39 IST
"Wanted to break my image of the comic actor with ‘Oh My Ghost’ says Prathamesh Parab".

Actor Prathamesh Parab, who is gearing up for the release of his forthcoming Marathi film titled ‘Oh My Ghost’, has said that he wanted to break his image of a comic actor that’s why I decided to do a horror-comedy film. He added that the central government’s new guideline regarding the seating capacity of the audience in theatres will certainly help to increase the box-office collection of his film.
Prathamesh Parab was interacting with News Helpline to promote ‘Oh My Ghost’ on Tuesday in Mumbai.
Prathamesh Parab has featured in Marathi films like ‘Balak Palak’, ‘Timepass’, ‘Timepass 2’, ‘Urfi’, ‘Lalbaughchi Rani'. He has also appeared in Ajay Devgn and Tabu starrer Hindi film ‘Drishyam’ which released in 2015.
When asked Prathamesh whether he wants to break his image of a comic actor with ‘Oh My Ghost’, he said, “I always wanted to do a different kind of roles because I don’t want to get typecast in certain kind of roles but if the audience likes you in a certain kind of role then people approach you with similar kind of roles, so I am glad that I am doing something different here than my earlier films. I have adopted a completely different kind of look and body language for this film. In this film, Wasim (Khan) ji gave me complete freedom to play this character. This is the first time I have worked in a film that has VFX (visual effects), so it was a new experience for me. I hope that the audience will appreciate the film because our team has watched it and we think that we have made a good film. After watching the film, I hope that people would also say that I am capable of playing different characters on screen.”
Talking about ‘Oh My Ghost’, Prathamesh said, “This film’s director Wasim Khan is a really good friend of mine, so he offered me the film. Marathi cinema has always been appreciated for its good content and after many years, we are bringing an out horror comedy film in Marathi cinema. I haven’t explored this genre in my career and no one ever approached me with this kind of film because people think that I am suitable for playing only college-going youth’s characters or a happy go lucky kind of guy for their films.”
He added, “This film is about an orphan boy who lives in Aurangabad city. He is a bit depressed in his life. He doesn’t have a job, so he also has suicidal tendencies and during that period, these ghosts come into his life, and after that how his life changes are the storyline of the film. In my earlier films, I have done loud comedy but in this film, there is a serious situation but still, there are subtle comic elements in the film. I feel we have a really good team and I think it’s a right for us to release the film in theatres.”
The Union Ministry of Home Affairs has permitted cinema halls to operate at 100% seating capacity from February 1. In its latest set of guidelines, the government had allowed cinema halls to operate at a higher capacity. ‘Oh My Ghost’ is releasing in theatres on 12th February, talking about the government's new guideline, Prathamesh said “I feel it’s a really good decision from the government's end. I watched a few films when there was 50 percent occupancy in theatres but it was not that fun because you were not able to share those laughs or tears with your friends or family. Now the government has allowed 100 percent occupancy in theatres, so I hope that more people will come to watch films in theatres and it will increase the box-office collection of our film.”
‘Oh, My Ghost’ stars Prathamesh Parab, Kajal Sharma, Pankaj Vishnu, Apurva Deshpande & Someshwari in key roles.
Talking about his upcoming project, Prathamesh said, “I am working in a Hindi film titled ‘Anya’. I guess it didn’t release due to lockdown, so I will talk more about it ahead of its release.”
Directed by Simmy, ‘Anya’ captures the story of a drug mafia and it also stars Atul Kulkarni, Bhushan Pradhan, Tejashri Pradhan, and Raima Sen in key roles.               


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