"Woman Denies Nephews Advances; Stabbed".

By editorenglish BalkaniFeb 1, 2021, 11:34 IST
"Woman Denies Nephews Advances; Stabbed".

A case of the murder of a woman has come to light in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut city. A woman has been brutally murdered by her nephew after she refused his sexual advances.
The police reports reveal that the woman had a slit throat and several wounds on her body when they recovered her body in her house two days ago.
Police station in-charge, Rishipal Singh, said the police have arrested the woman's nephew, who is in his B.Com final year.
"The killer was identified from within the family. He was present during the investigation and looked really nervous. He had fresh knife injury marks on his hands and chest which he could not explain," the police official said.
The police also said, “The woman's nephew allegedly demanded sexual favors from her. The woman reacted by slapping the youth and threatened to expose him after which he used a kitchen knife to stab her.”
During interrogation, however, he admitted to the crime and the motive as well. His crime was further confirmed when the police visited his house and recovered the blood-stained clothes.


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