"Working With Emraan Hashmi On Lut Gaye Was Dream Like Says Director Vinay Sapru".

By editorenglish BalkaniMar 5, 2021, 12:53 IST
"Working With Emraan Hashmi On Lut Gaye Was Dream Like Says Director Vinay Sapru".

Director duo Vinay Sapru along with Radhika Rao has become synonyms to hit music videos. They have been giving back-to-back hit music videos with a beautiful story to each of their songs. Their latest song with Emraan Hashmi's Lut Gaye' has become a rage amongst the audience.
The director opened up on the massive success of his songs, working with Emraan Hashmi and much more with News Helpline.
Every song of theirs is becoming a big hit. Thanking the audience, Vinay said, "I want to thank our audience for giving us so much love. Whatever stories we are telling through our songs are being loved by the audience. God has been so kind to us."
When asked about working with Emraan Hashmi, director Vinay Sapru said, “Working with Emraan sir was a dream for me. He never comes to the monitor to check the shot which shows he trusts the director's approach."
All their songs display tragic tales of love. When asked about the reason behind the heartbreaking stories of their music video, Vinay said, "When we did the  film Sanam Teri Kasam which touched the chords of the people, we realized people love this tragic tale of stories. Moreover, these songs have such words in them which make you think in that direction only. But the credit of 'Lut Gaye' story goes to Nusrat Sahab who wrote the song so beautifully"
Talking about the experience of working on Lut Gaye, Vinay said, "This song came out of the treasure of Bhushan Kumar. He had this song with him for two years and when he shared it with us. We narrated the concept to him and he immediately said lets do it with Emraan Hashmi"
They have been working with a lot of new actors in their songs. Sharing their experience of working with new actors, Vinay said, "New actors have an innocent canvas. You can come to know everything about them by knowing their family background. They have a virgin mind without any baggage so it is very easy to work with them."


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