Allegation Against Subhash Ghai in Me Too Were Proven Wrong Says Sushant Singh

By adminFeb 9, 2019, 13:49 IST
Allegation Against Subhash Ghai in Me Too Were Proven Wrong Says Sushant Singh

Sushant Singh says that allegations against filmmaker Subhash Ghai have proven wrong in Me Too Movement, so one need’s to look at that too.

Honorary Secretary of CINTAA and Actor, Sushant Singh hosted a press junket for First ever Indian Actors Only Festival, ActFest, which is getting organized CINTAA and 48 Hour Film Project.

The organization is partnering with Whistling Woods, helmed by Subhash Ghai, whose name was dragged in the sexual allegation in the wake of Me Too Movement.

When asked about the partnership with someone whose named is associated with the sexual allegation, Sushant Singh said, “We all know about those allegations against Subhash Ghai and they were proven wrong within days on social media itself. There was no case or complaint filed in that matter. So please don’t just look at the allegations, look at the result of those allegations as well”

“And just because there is an allegation on one particular individual, the entire institute of Whistling wood is taken under scrutiny will not be right. As those students, staff or anyone else was not a fault, we are patterning with whistling woods institute and not with Mr. Subhash Ghai, for that matter we didn’t have any issues partnering with Ghai Sahab as well because allegations against him were proven wrong”

When asked about lack of Unity among contemporary in the fraternity, Sushant Singh said, “There is a love-hate relationship among us, we do appreciate each other’s performances but we are fearful as well, so yes there is lack of unity and were trying to unify the actors, so that everyone gets equal rights”

ActFest will feature international delegates, industry stalwarts, and more than a thousand artists and aspiring actors.

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