​Ammy Virk Issues An Apology Over Amber Dhaliwal And Dilpreet Dhillon’s Tussle

By Biz BalkaniJun 3, 2020, 13:04 IST
​Ammy Virk Issues An Apology Over Amber Dhaliwal And Dilpreet Dhillon’s Tussle

After making headlines with his latest single, Main Suneya, singer Ammy Virk is making headlines again for meddling in Amber Dhaliwal and singer Dilpreet Dhillon’s fallout. The singer has issued an apology and tried his level best to explain his point of view.
Punjabi singer Dilpreet Dhillon and wife Amber Dhaliwal are going through an ugly divorce fight, as Amber has accused Dilpreet of infidelity and abuse among many other things. 

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Singer Ammy Virk tweeted about the two should get back together and work out their differences, which didn’t sit well with netizens. Now the singer has issued second apology on social media.
He tweeted, “I just want jehra gunaah gaar aa ohnu saja mile, te msla hall hove, parwaar na jaleeel hon, ohna da nai kasooor, haan te tuc aje v mainu nindna ya sochna v ammy glt aa aje v tuc jee sakde sojo. Waheguru ji aape vekhde aa sab...”
“Yh i think I did mistake, n I apologise for dat...but I didn’t do intensionaly or hurt someone... its almost 7 am here, pichle almost 10 ghnte to apni gall samjha ni paaa reha tuhanu... n tuhade naal jidd reha jihde ch mera kasoor v koi ni. Na main dilpreet di support kar rea”
Amber and Dilpreet had been in a two-year-long marriage till Amber was heard in an alleged recorded phone call conversation breaking it off a few days ago. Amber has accused Dilpreet of “having an affair” with a 40- year-old Punjabi socialite.
Meanwhile on the work front, Ammy Virk will next be seen in forthcoming sports biopic 83, with Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone.
He is also part of another real-life incident based drama “Bhuj – The Pride Of India” which also features Ajay Devgn and Sanjay Dutt.

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