An Overachiever Sensation Named Amika Shail

By adminApr 17, 2019, 21:00 IST
An Overachiever Sensation Named Amika Shail

Amika Shail, the name doesn’t require an introduction, an overachiever in every sense of the word; her career repertoire includes singing, acting, realities show, Ad films, Serial and films.

Talking about her Journey, Amika Shail said, “My journey started when I was little kid. I hail from Bengal, so music is part of growing up; I started learning music when I was little kid. I had no ambition as such to make something in music or acting, but I just wanted to learn the art.

After graduation I shifted my base to Mumbai. I did my fair share of knocking on the doors and landed couple of big projects. I did a film song and couple of other things. I am also among top ten You-Tuber in India, my channel ranks on top. I have done realities show, such as SaReGaMaPa, Indian Idol, Amul Star Voice of India and couple of more” she added.

Amika Shail believes her career has organically evolved over time. . After achieving milestones in Singing and digital space, she aimed at acting.

She said, “Having done singing and you-tubing, I thought next step should be acting, and I always wanted to try my hands at it, hence I started audition for television serials, I was fascinated with the whole television world. I landed a role in Udaan serial, for colours channel. I got a good and strong character, a leading role in serial, it boosted my confidence”

An Overachiever Sensation Named Amika Shail

Post Udaan, Amika landed a massive role in Star Plus serial Divya Drishti. She said, “Post Udaan, I got a huge break with Divya Drishti serial, which is having an amazing successful run on Star Plus channel. Once again I got the most interesting part; my character is quite bubbly, glamorous and quite modern.

Actors dream of working with Star Plus, Zee Tv and Colours, so I think I am that lucky one, who got to work with Star Plus. I got my second show with Star Plus and I hope in future I get to work with every other channel. I am enjoying my work with Star Plus, they are really good but I do want to work with others as well”

The multi-faceted personality Amika Shail, also added that she follows her passion and cannot pick element over the other.

When asked to pick between acting and singing, she said, “This is a tough one, Singing or Acting, see I really cannot pick over the other, but I do admit that I came here to make my name in singing. I wanted to make my career in Singing. See through singing I got onto acting, both the things are part of my career and part of me. Singing and acting are passion for me”

Talking about her future plans, she said, “I have my plate full right now. I am singing, acting and doing my videos for YouTube. I am doing AD films, I got offers for web-series and films, so right now I am spoiled for choices but unfortunately don’t have the time. If something really interesting and good comes my way, I will be the first one to share with my fans”

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