Are the 'Big Daddy's Of Bollywood' Only To Be Blamed?

By editorenglish BalkaniJul 18, 2020, 13:12 IST
Are the 'Big Daddy's Of Bollywood' Only To Be Blamed?
We all have been listening to words like 'Outsiders', 'Insiders' , 'Big Daddy's of Bollywood', 'Star Kids' 'Nepotism' 'Newcomers' for over a month now and after reading and listening about it so much, each one of us have our own opinions now. Everyone has formed a truculent attitude against 'BOLLYWOOD' which has been entertaining us for over a century now.
The social media is sympathising with the so called 'Outsiders and Newcomers' in the Industry. People have formed groups to boycott biggies of the industry and eliminate nepotism completely. Well, let's flip the coin to the other side today and let us educate ourselves with the 'Normal' norm followed by most of the outsiders and newcomers in the industry.
A Newcomer enters the Industry with one dream, to be a part of any big production house, these so called 'Big Daddy's of Bollywood' films. They are ready to take any minuscule role and even do their role for free if a big Production house name is associated with the film. Every newcomer wants to bag a film with a renowned banner for name, fame and fortune. The irony is Newcomers themselves do not want to work with any NEW production house.
Apart from the production houses, Newcomers want to be in a film with established stars. Every new actor would want to work with an established star because that adds to your credibility. They are sceptical of working with new artists as they do not want to take risks at such an early stage of their careers.
So before pointing out fingers and triggering the ongoing debate, try to understand the perspective from both ends. In the end, we as an audience should only promote and seek good content. Be it big production houses or small, new actors or old, outsiders or insiders, good talent should be appreciated and good films should be encouraged.

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