Asha Bhosle Unveils Main Hoon, Her Debut YouTube Channel Track

By Biz BalkaniMay 14, 2020, 10:39 IST
Asha Bhosle Unveils Main Hoon, Her Debut YouTube Channel Track

Singer Asha Bhosle starts her YouTube channel 'Asha Bhosle Official' and unveils first song, Main Hoon.
Asha Bhosle wants her channel to be a medium where with her infectious energy, she can lighten moods. And of course, leave timeless works for the present and future generations that will have record of people she has worked with.
Zanai Bhosle, Asha Bhosle's 18 year old grand-daughter is her muse. "I am particularly fond of Zanai because she has got an artistic side. She is a song writer, singer, musician and classical Kathak dancer... she reminds me of myself and maybe that is why I feel close to her. Though she is much younger than me, she sometimes says things from which I can learn and educate myself further. I like that." 

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So when Zanai started her YouTube channel, her youthful grandma watched her and got inspired. "Sensing my enthusiasm, Zanai egged me on to have my own channel to record my life’s experiences." Asha Bhosle is sure she is going to put down many stories of her life that can remain alive for posterity.
Talking of the maiden song ‘Main Hoon’ with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Asha Bhosle also reveals her spiritual side. "Sri Sri Ravishankarji is a wonderful person. I have known him for a while. It was a chance meeting in Cambodia when we both were enjoying the sites of Angkor Vat when I felt that he is different from other spiritual people or gurus that I have met. And when I heard the lyrics of the song and the wonderful composition, it brought a certain calm to my soul," she expresses.

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