Clarified: How EVMs make a trip from solid space to survey stall and back

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Clarified: How EVMs make a trip from solid space to survey stall and back

In front of tallying of votes in favor of the Lok Sabha decisions, the security of electronic casting a ballot machines has turned into the focal point of debate. On Tuesday, 22 Opposition gatherings moved toward the Election Commission over reports of probably suspicious EVM developments, while the EC rejected charges of EVMs being exchanged. A glance at the courses of action made by the EC to verify the voyage of an EVM from the solid space to the surveying station and back:

Amid non-decision period

All accessible EVMs in a locale are typically put away in a treasury or a distribution center under the immediate control of the District Electoral Officer (DEO). Exemptions can be presented in defense of inaccessibility of extra room, however the assigned treasury or stockroom ought not be underneath the dimension of tehsil. The stockroom is verified by a twofold lock, monitored nonstop by policemen or security protects, and is likewise under CCTV reconnaissance. Amid a non-decision period, EVMs can’t be moved out of the distribution center without explicit guidelines from the Election Commission. The main dimension check of the EVMs by designers is done here, within the sight of delegates of ideological groups.

Amid survey season

Closer to the decision date, EVMs are assigned haphazardly to different Assembly sections (in a Lok Sabha situate) through a product within the sight of gathering agents. On the off chance that the delegates are missing, at that point a rundown of allotted EVMs and VVPAT machines for every Assembly portion is imparted to the gathering office. Starting here, the Returning Officer (RO) of the Assembly fragment assumes responsibility for the apportioned machines and stores them in assigned solid rooms.

Here, the second round of randomisation happens. EVMs are dispatched to explicit surveying stations within the sight of gathering delegates. Actually, applicants are exhorted by the EC to share the machine numbers with their separate surveying operators so they can check these before surveying starts.

After all machines are set up with the setting of competitors and fixing of ticket papers, and afterward charged, the solid room is fixed within the sight of gathering agents who can, on the off chance that they wish, additionally put their own seal on the locks. The solid room is monitored nonstop under the charge of a senior cop, not underneath the position of a Deputy Superintendent of Police. It can likewise be monitored by focal police powers, wherever conceivable.

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When fixed, the solid room must be opened on a fixed date and time when the machines need to gave over to the surveying gatherings to be conveyed to their assigned surveying stations. All competitors and their race operators are educated already about the date and time of opening of the solid rooms.

Aside from the machines allotted to explicit surveying stations, some save EVMs are likewise taken from the solid rooms and put away in a focal spot in the Assembly fragment, so imperfect machines can be supplanted with as meager postponement as could reasonably be expected.

This year, in perspective on a year ago’s discussion over the development and capacity of unused EVMs amid the Madhya Pradesh Assembly races, surveyed and unused machines are being transported distinctly in GPS-empowered vehicles with the goal that their development can be followed by the DEO and CEO.

From corner back to solid room

When casting a ballot closes, EVM are not dispatched to the solid rooms immediately. The Presiding Officer is required to set up a record of votes recorded in the machines. A bore witness to duplicate of this is given to every applicant’s surveying operator. After this, the EVM is fixed. Applicants and their operators are permitted to put their marks on the seals, which they can check for any indications of altering. Applicants or their agents travel behind vehicles conveying EVMs from the surveying station to the solid room, ideally found near the checking focus.

Save EVMs ought to likewise be returned in the meantime when the surveyed EVMs are returned. When all utilized EVMs have arrived, the solid room is fixed and the hopeful or her agent is allowed to put their own seals or bolts also. They are likewise permitted to keep a watch on the solid rooms nonstop.

When fixed, the solid room can’t be opened until the morning of tallying day. On the off chance that the solid room needs to opened before that for an unavoidable reason, it must be done within the sight of the hopeful or his agent, will’s identity permitted to put their seals or bolts again after the room is shut.

Security powers are sent in three layers around extra spaces with Central Armed Police Forces guarding the inward ring. Upon the arrival of the outcomes, tallying starts simply after the competitor or her surveying operator has checked the machine number and whether the seal is solid.

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