Combination of Entertainment Industry and Dubai is magical, Says business leader Madhu Shekhar Bhandari

By Biz BalkaniUpdated: Oct 17, 2021, 16:07 IST
Ultra successful Telecommunication, Health and Reality sector giant Madhu Sekhar Bhandari is all set to enter the entertainment world and the maverick describes the combination of Entertainment industry with Dubai as magical.

Consta Group,  is UAE’s leading and successful conglomerates with diversified interests in various sectors. Consta group’s Founder and Chairman Madhu Sekhar Bhandari is now venturing in entertainment sector.

When asked about his interest in Entertainment world, Madhu said, “Now I am planning to venture into entertainment sector. I met Gaurang Doshi and things started to materialize.

I don’t believe in coincidences or chance, I believe in destiny, so my destiny pulled me towards entertainment industry and I love Dubai and If you combine the both, the combination can create something magical for the world.”

Madhu is an inspiration to million as a successful story, but he has a different take on life and success. He said, “My definition of success is different, my success is my satisfaction. If I am doing something right, and I reach the target, wherever I want to be, sometimes I might not reach where I want to reach, but I am still on the right path, that is success for me”

Madhu Bhandari is not only collaborating with Gaurang Doshi for Entertainment arena, but for many other sectors as well.

Gaurang Doshi, who is known for producing iconic films such as Aankhen and Deewaar, is a business partner in SatoshiFX, a crypto-trading company, which has turned over a billion dollar in terms of business, apart from many other business platforms, which are catering to million overseas.

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