Composer Anand Tripathi & Bulleya singer Amit Mishra team up for new single ‘Tera Dewaana’

By Biz BalkaniApr 7, 2021, 12:42 IST
Composer Anand Tripathi & Bulleya singer Amit Mishra team up for new single ‘Tera Dewaana’
 Music composer Anand Swaroop Tripathi and Bulleya singer Amit Mishra have teamed up for a new single, Tera Dewaana. Calling the song, contemporary classical with Sufism, both Anand and Amit are confident that the single will become a rage among the listeners.

However, this is not the first time Anand and Amit have collaborated on a musical track. They have earlier worked on Rudrashtakam, which was a devotional song and also a hit among the listeners.

In fact, both Amit and Anand belong to the city of Lucknow. Anand was a senior to Amit in Bhatkhande University. Since then, they have been jamming together. Amit informs that Anand is not only a brilliant composer but also a terrific singer. Now, this coming from the man, who has sung songs like Bulleya, Galti Se Mistake, Allah Duhai Hai, and Manma Emotion Jaage to name a few is definitely a great compliment. 

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“We are friends for more than 15 years now. I got a chance to meet Anand when he was in Bhatkhande and we used to often jam during singing competitions. He was my senior. We had mutual respect and love for each other,” says Amit.

Anand also echoes similar feelings and then narrates how Tera Dewaana happened. “Amit and I go back a long time. We both belong to Lucknow. It was one of those days at the studio, where we were on a break and I was humming something. Amit said let’s try it and Amit wrote the lyrics. I really liked what he wrote and then the composition happened. We sent it to Anurag Bedi and Zee Music approved it. This is how Tera Dewaana was born,” says the happy composer, who always wanted to become a music director.

Talking more about Tera Dewaana, Amit says he had a fun time collaborating with Anand. Subhodeep Mitra has arranged the music of Tera Dewaana.

“It was brilliant to work with a musician like Anand Tripathi. In terms of singing, I tried more of the sufi vocals. So, we can call it folk vocals too. The song has some very good elements. The music arrangement is very western and also has Indian percussion. This makes the song unique in terms of progression and programming as well,” says the Chhichhore singer. 

Meanwhile, Anand says Tera Dewaana has everything for all age groups and that’s the beauty of the track. “It’s a contemporary classical with Sufi feel. You will find so many genres in one track… romance, passion and aggression. Listeners of all age groups can enjoy the track. In fact, the live performers will have a gala time singing this track,” Anand states.

The composer also has high expectations from Tera Dewaana and wants the listeners to connect to the song and the inner meaning of the lyrics.

After Tera Dewaana, Anand is again teaming up with Amit on another single soon. However, he cannot reveal the details now. The young composer started his musical journey in childhood. “I was always more inclined towards compositions. I was at Bhatkhande University in Lucknow and then I trained myself and is still learning from Ustad Vinod Prasad ji,” he says. After composing for a few jingles, he took up local projects, and then Rudrashtakam happened .

Meanwhile, Amit is working on more single playback projects and also recording for movies. He is also recording devotional songs.

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