'COVID management' instead of 'COVID treatment'

By editorkannada BalkaniJul 1, 2020, 21:02 IST
'COVID management' instead of 'COVID treatment'
On Wednesday, Yoga guru Patanjali Ayurved said they haven't received any restriction notification from AYUSH ministry to sell their drug Coronil. So, they will proceed to sell this as a medicine for COVID -19 and 'manage' the disease.
Soon after this Union ministry confirmed that Patanjali can sell this as a product but not as the only cure for Covid-19.
 AYUSH ministry has only permitted this formulation as an immunity booster and not as a medicinal cure.
Ramdev also claimed that the Union ministry had asked him to use the term 'COVID management' instead of 'COVID treatment'.As per the ministry, Patanjali is allowed to manufacture and distribute its products such as Divya Coronil tablet, Divya Swasari Vati and Divya Anu Taila across  India, as per the manufacturing licenses granted by State Licensing Authority, Ayurvedic and Unani Services Government of Uttarakhand. 
Now with this confirmation from AYUSH ministry has made clear with the ideology of selling their drug Coronil in the market.

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